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Biodermogenesi just doubled its power for even better body rejuvenation

Published On: 11th March, 2024 | Category: Advice & Tips

It’s not just a treatment; it’s a complete transformation

Introducing the next level in non-invasive treatments for stretch marks, scars, full body rejuvenation and body shaping – the new and improved Biodermogenesi. It’s not just a treatment; it’s a complete transformation. The latest upgrade brings you a treatment that’s more powerful, faster, and twice as strong than ever before!

So, if you’re trying to figure out how to get rid of stretch marks or scars, or perhaps you’re searching for body tightening treatments that achieve amazing results without surgery, now is the perfect time to try Biodermogenesi. The best part is, it’s safe for all skin types, it’s scientifically proven to work, and it delivers results without side effects, downtime, or skin damage. Are you ready to experience enhanced confidence in skin you absolutely adore?

Body rejuvenation treatment: Sculpt, tone, reshape

By combining electromagnetic energy, electrostimulation, and vacuum suction, Biodermogenesi achieves body rejuvenation like no other treatment. It’s able to reach the deeper layers of the skin to stimulate microcirculation and trigger partial muscle contractions. The result? Collagen and elastin production goes into overdrive, leaving your skin tightened, lifted, and renewed. It’s especially effective in reducing excess body fat and stubborn cellulite to sculpt, tone, and reshape you from head to toe. 

Proven to diminish stretch marks by more than 80%

If you’re on the search for ‘how to remove stretch marks,’ your solution is right here with Biodermogenesi. It’s the only treatment capable of regenerating all types of stretch marks on all types of skin, regardless of the age of the stretch mark or colour (be it red or white). Even more impressive, it’s clinically proven to diminish the appearance and depth of stretch marks by an incredible 83.55%. 

Through a targeted approach, Biodermogenesi ensures that your stretch marks fade, fill out, and smooth out after just a few sessions. 

After completing 6 to 12 weekly sessions, you’ll notice a transformation in your skin – it becomes smoother and more even-textured. The scar becomes less conspicuous, the visibility of raised or uneven scar tissue diminishes, and the surrounding skin takes on a consistent appearance. 

Body rejuvenation & skin repair: Double the effect, double the impact!

While the upgraded Biodermogenesi machine still harnesses the power of electromagnetic energy, electrostimulation, and vacuum suction, it now boasts a key enhancement – an increased ion acceleration from 350-400 mv to an impressive 750-850 mv.

Now, you might be wondering what this technical jargon means. Simply put, this upgrade allows the treatment to work its magic even faster than before, promoting skin regeneration, repair, and full body rejuvenation in half the time. Yes, you heard it right – double the effect, double the impact!

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Discover the one-of-a-kind magic of Biodermogenesi! Our upgraded, more powerful treatment ensures quicker results, giving you healthier, clearer, and tighter skin in no time! 

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