Ageing Hands

One of the most visible yet overlooked signs of ageing is on our hands with high exposure to UV rays, our hands can be just as vulnerable to ageing as our faces. If neglected, your hands can lose collagen and elasticity rapidly, leading to a wrinkled and boney appearance. There’s a silver lining – we have a range of groundbreaking treatments that can rejuvenate the skin on your hands making it look hydrated, smooth and youthful. 

What are Ageing Hands?

The ageing process is a natural part of the human experience, and our hands are usually one of the first to go through these changes. This condition occurs when the tissues in our hands lose collagen and elasticity, making them thin and creased. This loss in volume and elasticity leads to deep wrinkles, protruding bones and sun spots. If left untreated, it can worsen with time, making you look older than your actual age. 

What causes Ageing Hands?

Over time our skin naturally loses collagen fibres and elastic tissue leading to decreased volume, wrinkles and fine lines. While this loss in tissue makes our hands look aged, other factors can exacerbate the ageing process, for example, excessive UV exposure, ineffective moisturisers, or neglecting to moisturise your hands regularly. In addition, lack of water and sleep can contribute to the ageing process.

What treatments are available for Ageing Hands?

At Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic, we have a team of medical maestros who regularly treat patients with wrinkly hands. Our innovative Dermal Fillers are an advanced treatment for wrinkly hands, helping you to restore volume and treat age spots on hands. Effectively remove age spots on hands with our results-driven Lumecca, which uses photo-thermolysis to absorb and correct skin discoloration. Say goodbye to hands ageing prematurely with the advanced Neogen. The nitrogen plasma energy from this treatment stimulates collagen production for increased volume and reduced wrinkles. These revolutionary treatments produce visible results. They can be used as a stand-alone treatment or combined for a  groundbreaking solution that will leave your hands looking smooth and restored.

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