If you have a keloid scarring on your face or body, it can leave you feeling incredibly self-conscious, especially if it’s in a highly visible area. Although these thick, raised scar tissues are not harmful, it’s completely normal to want them removed for cosmetic purposes. At Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic, we bring you the latest aesthetic treatments for keloid scar removal using groundbreaking Plexr plasma energy. Keloid scars vanish in minutes without surgery, downtime and very minimal pain and discomfort, if any. The result is smooth, healthy, and clear skin, and of course, your confidence restored!

What are Keloid Scars?

Keloid scars are fibrous tissue called scar tissue that form over a wound to protect and repair the skin on the face or body. They’re typically much larger than the wound itself, and are thick and raised with a smooth and hard feel. This scar tissue commonly forms on the chest, shoulders, earlobes and cheeks. Although they don’t cause health problems, they can take an emotional toll. 

What causes Keloid Scarring?

Currently, experts don’t know the cause of keloid scarring, but most agree it’s related to a dysfunction in the wound-healing process. In particular, they’re most likely to occur when the wound-healing protein, collagen, is produced in excess by the body, and can be triggered by any skin injury or for no obvious reason at all. Keloid scars are often incorrectly thought to be the same hypertrophic scars. However, this is incorrect as hypertrophic scars stay inside the walls of the original injury and may regress over time, while keloids are usually larger than the original wound and don’t regress without treatment. 

How to get rid of Keloid Scars?

At Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic, we bring you the latest innovation in keloid scar removal, the groundbreaking Plexr ‘soft surgery’ treatment. Plexr, powered by cutting-edge plasma energy, almost instantly vaporises soft tissue by converting it into gas when heated. So you may be wondering, what does this mean for keloid scarring? Quite simply, they vanish into thin air when coming in contact with Plexr, ensuring an effortless and quick scar removal treatment without surgery or injury to the skin. Get glowing, clear skin in minutes with Plexr for keloid scar removal. 

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