Dimply Chin

Chin dimple is a common skin condition affecting men and women of all ages. This condition can cause the chin to look like a pin cushion or cobblestones. Because of this, it may leave you feeling self conscious and even lower your confidence. Fortunately, we have a range of exceptional aesthetic skin treatments designed to address your chin dimples quickly and easily. Leaving you with a smooth, firm chin and restored confidence.  

What is Chin Dimple?

A dimply chin describes an uneven chin area because of hyperactive, exaggerated contractions of the chin muscles. Also known as pebble chin, this condition manifests as a wrinkled, rippled, or pitted chin creating the effect of cobblestones or a pin cushion. As collagen and elastin decrease, this condition becomes more visible and permanent with the ageing process. Even so, effective cosmetic skin treatments can safely and efficiently treat it.  

What causes Chin Dimples?

The chin is made up of the mentalis muscle and jaw bone, dimples on chin occurs when the mentelis muscle contracts more than required. Some people are more likely to develop this condition because of factors like facial structure or the amount of stress they exert in this region. A hyperactive mentelis muscle can cause involuntary movements, but people may also have a habit of contracting this muscle more than needed. With ageing skin and the loss of volume and elasticity, this area can become more vulnerable to a permanent dimpling effect. 

How to get rid of Dimply Chin? 

At Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic, we have a team of aesthetic experts who regularly treat patients with mild to severe dimples on the chin. Our treatments combine cutting-edge technology, the latest medical science, and essential active ingredients for effective chin dimple removal giving you tighter skin and a smooth chin. The anti-wrinkle injection is the most effective cosmetic procedure as it provides targeted results by relaxing the specific facial muscle evening out and plumping the skin in that area. This solution is a pioneer in anti-ageing treatments used for over 20 years. It can safely deliver direct and quick results leaving you with a chin that is firm, smooth, and even.

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