Marionette lines

As we age, we gradually lose the age-defying proteins, collagen and elastin, that make our skin firm and supple. As a result, skin gets thinner, looser and more prone to facial lines. The corners of the mouth, in particular, is usually one of the first areas on the face to experience the signs of ageing as the skin here is one of the thinnest. Thankfully, at Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic, we specialise in the latest non-surgical cosmetic procedures to add volume and elasticity back to this area of your face for the ultimate skin rejuvenation. 

What are Marionette Lines?

Ageing on the corners of the mouth show up as horizontal lines, also known as Marionette lines, that spread outward, giving the mouth area a straight or even downturned and sad appearance. This is usually one of the first spots to start ageing and it can make you look much older than your age. At Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic, we offer incredible cosmetic procedures to tighten skin around the mouth area for a renewed appearance. 

What causes Marionette Lines? 

Fine lines, wrinkles, and deep wrinkles on the corners of the mouth are completely natural parts of ageing that result from a slow down in the production of collagen and elastin from the age of around 25. The mouth area is more prone to facial lines because the skin here is very thin, resulting in looser, more wrinkled skin sooner than other places on the face. There are also a number of other factors that may result in premature wrinkles around the mouth, such as: generics, poor nutrition, smoking, stress, sun damage or dehydration. 

How to get rid of Marionette Lines?

Dr. Raj, the founder and owner of Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic, is an esteemed medical doctor, specialising in groundbreaking aesthetic skin treatments. To get rid of marionette lines and smoothen out fine lines and wrinkles, there are two amazing minimally invasive treatments available, including thread lifts (a non-surgical facelift) and dermal fillers (anti-wrinkle injections). Thread lifts for the corners of the mouth are ideal for skin laxity as it tightens the skin around the mouth, reducing facial lines and lifting loose skin. Dermal fillers for Marionette lines plump the skin with natural molecules, replacing lost volume, reducing facial lines and firming sagging skin. 

At Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic you can get tighter skin that’s smooth, healthy, refreshed and brings out your natural beauty.  

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