Dermalux Tri-Wave MD

Dermalux Tri-Wave MD is the most powerful non-invasive LED Phototherapy procedure in the world and it even boasts several awards under its belt! It’s perfect for skin rejuvenation and treating skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, pigmentation, and redness. Dermalux Triwave is powered by clinically proven therapeutic light energy, which triggers the skin’s natural rejuvenation and repair processes without pain or downtime. 

Treatment Summary

  • Procedure Time
    20 minutes
  • Anaesthetic
    Not required
  • Back to work
    Within 24 hours
  • Full recovery
    Same day
  • Duration of results
  • Risks & complications

What is Dermalux Tri-Wave MD?

Dermalux Triwave delivers three powerful wavelengths of light deep into the skin to target multiple skin conditions, including an acne fighting blue light, cell renewal red light, and regenerating near-infrared light. These wavelengths can be used individually or in combination, depending on your unique skin needs. 

How does Dermalux Tri-Wave MD work?

Dermalux led light therapy harnesses our natural ability to absorb light and use it to kick start the natural process of skin rejuvenation and skin repair. It helps us produce vitamin D and unlocks a range of benefits that promote healthy, glowing skin. Using this technology, each wavelength in Dermalux Triwave penetrates deeply into targeted areas of the skin to deliver tailored results for a range of skin conditions. By relying on the skin’s natural ability to absorb light energy, you can enjoy proven skin enhancing benefits.

What are the benefits of Dermalux Tri-Wave MD?

By combining three innovative wavelengths, clinical reports show that Dermalux LED light skin treatment promotes healthy skin that regenerates up to 200% faster. The focused and concentrated light energy boosts collagen, increases hydration, calms redness and irritation, and blitzes acne causing bacteria. The end result is skin that looks more youthful, healthy, and undeniably radiant. 





1 treatment: £75

12 treatments: £750 (saving £150)

*£30 per session when combined with other treatments

Dermalux Tri-Wave MD

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many treatments do I need?

    The exact number of treatments will depend on the skin condition you’re treating and its severity, plus a range of additional factors such as your age and lifestyle. This will first be discussed at your initial consultation with us. In general, most people require an initial course between 8 and 12 sessions at around 20 minutes each.

  • How quickly will I see results?

    Results can be seen from the first treatment as your skin begins glowing from within and sheds its dull appearance for a more even-toned and revitalised complexion. After multiple targeted treatments, you will see certain skin conditions improving.

  • How long do results last?

    You can enjoy long-lasting effects after multiple targeted treatments. We highly recommend incorporating Dermalux Tri-Wave MD as part of an ongoing skin care programme to maintain the health of your skin.

  • What parts of the body can Dermalux Tri-Wave MD be used on?

    Dermalux Tri-Wave MD is suitable for both the face and body. It’s popular among those looking for whole skin rejuvenation and treating skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, pigmentation and redness.

  • Is there any aftercare following Dermalux Tri-Wave MD treatments?

    Dermalux Tri-Wave MD is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that’s gentle yet effective on the skin. It doesn’t require intense aftercare, but it’s wise to continue good skin care practices like using sunscreen daily that’s no lower than SPF 50, drinking plenty of water, and applying mineral based makeup only as this allows your skin to breathe.

  • Is downtime required after the treatment?

    Good news! There is no downtime required so you can continue your regular day after your treatment sessions.

  • Are there any risks?

    Dermalux Tri-Wave MD is a low-risk skin care treatment that doesn’t damage skin tissue or create photosentivity. It’s clinically proven to be safe for all skin types and most skin conditions. But it’s important to note that if you have an increased sensitivity to light exposure due to certain medications or health conditions, this will need to be discussed with us at your initial consultation to determine if you’re a suitable candidate.

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