Millions of people suffer from body shaping issues, whether it’s stubborn mummy tummies, sagging skin or not-so-lovely love handles. For many, body shaping is more complex than eating healthy and regular exercise. In addition, surgery or injury can lead to body shape concerns. The silver lining is that we have a range of innovative aesthetic treatments designed to safely reshape your body into a figure you’ll be excited about.

What is body shaping?

Body shaping is used to firm, shape, and shrink those unwanted humps and bumps. It aims to shape an area of your body and may involve; , strengthening muscles, body sculpting , or reshaping a specific area like love handles. Our aesthetics clinic uses a range of non-invasive cosmetic procedures including the use of heat to melt away unwanted fat to deliver exceptional body defining results. . Through body contouring treatments you can achieve a targeted skin-tightening or fat-reducing solution. 

What causes body shaping issues? 

Body shape is determined by muscles and fat distribution in the body. Factors like diet, exercise, and hormonal levels can change the body shape over time. These changes can result in mummy tummies, love handles, stubborn fat, and loose or sagging skin. It’s important to understand that non-invasive body sculpting does not equal weight loss. It should be used when you are close to your ideal weight but still have pockets of stubborn fat or sagging skin that can’t be eliminated by exercise and a healthy diet.

What treatments are available for body shaping? 

At Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic, our team of aesthetic experts regularly treats patients of all body types. The treatments we use feature cutting-edge technology and the latest medical science for safe and effective body-transforming results. We use a range of treatments like Biodermogenesi, CMslim, and many more. Biodermogenesi is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that regenerates the skin by targeting the deeper layers and is ideal for microneedling stretch marks. CMslim is a groundbreaking body contouring treatment that triggers rapid muscle contractions to burn fat, strengthen muscles and improve endurance without physical exercise. These treatments provide effective body shaping solutions delivering visible, targeted results, used individually or together, for an unmatched body sculpting duo. 

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