Cellulite is a common skin condition with millions of people affected by it. Whether you are full-figured or slender and fit, cellulite doesn’t discriminate. This condition is often stubborn and hard to eliminate. On the bright side, we have a selection of spectacular cosmetic treatments that effectively work to tackle cellulite at its root, leaving you with supple, smooth skin.  

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a fat deposit under the skin that looks like dimpled or lumpy flesh. Closely resembling cottage cheese or the peel of an orange, it is most common in the thighs, hips, and buttocks but can also develop on the stomach, arms, and breasts. It is most prevalent in females; however, it can affect people of all body types and weight. The good news is it is a harmless skin condition that can disappear when treated by effective cosmetic procedures.

What causes Cellulite? 

Cellulite appears when the fibrous connective cords tying the skin to the underlying muscles pull down, and the accumulated fat cells push up against the skin. This struggle between the long, tough cords and fat deposits creates an uneven or dimpled surface but other factors can contribute to excess cellulite. The hormone estrogen plays a role in how severe it will appear because it promotes the growth and storage of fat in the body. Genetics is also a big player in the development of cellulite as it determines skin thickness, texture, and body type. What’s more, excessive weight gain, ageing skin, inactivity, poor diet, an accumulation of toxins, and pregnancy can also increase the build-up of cellulite.

How to get rid of Cellulite? 

At Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic, our team of medical experts regularly and effectively treat patients with mild to severe cellulite. We feature a range of treatments like Biodermogenesi that can target the deeper layer of the skin enabling advanced skin regeneration – ideal for microneedling cellulite. For high-intensity body contouring without the hassle of going to the gym, try the innovative CMslim to burn fat fast, strengthen muscles and improve endurance. These advanced cosmetic procedures help to eradicate cellulite. They can be used individually or together for a  powerful skin-tightening, cellulite-busting duo that will leave your body looking smooth and radiant. 

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