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All you need to know about how to get rid of stretch marks

Published On: 11th January, 2023 | Category: Advice & Tips

Has your search for how to get rid of stretch marks left you confused by the sheer number of “miracle treatments” available? Lotions, creams, and oils are abundantly available from so many different brands claiming their formulas are the most effective solution for stretch mark removal. The truth is most of these products are overhyped, with no scientific research backing up their claims.

To add clarity to the how to get rid of stretch marks question, we’ve put together a quick guide on the best stretch marks treatments that are clinically proven to deliver outstanding results by significantly reducing or even eradicating this pesky skin condition.

What are stretch marks?

But first, what are stretch marks? These are scars caused when the skin stretches beyond its limits too quickly. This damages collagen in the dermis of the skin, resulting in the formation of stretch marks. They commonly occur during pregnancy, rapid weight gain or loss, and adolescence. It’s also linked to genetics.  

Stretch marks treatment

There are a few ways to prevent stretch marks, like maintaining a stable weight and nourishing your skin with hydrating skin care. However, because hormonal changes and even hereditary factors play a considerable role in stretch marks forming, it’s hard to escape. This makes it an extremely common skin condition and a natural part of life. Many people don’t mind having these “tiger stripes” on their bodies – it’s symbolic of their life story. On the other hand, many more feel like their stretch marks affect their confidence, and they often hide them behind layers of clothing or cover them up with makeup.

Regardless of the side you fall on, it’s completely justified, and you shouldn’t feel like you’re in the wrong. But for those searching for how to get rid of stretch marks, we have good news for you. With the latest technological leaps in cosmetic treatments, there are so many cutting-edge solutions for stretch mark removal proven to deliver real results by rebuilding collagen and restructuring the deeper layers of the skin. 

Currently, the two most popular treatment types are powered by laser and radiofrequency technology. Read-on to learn the difference between these stretch mark treatments and how they work.

Removal for stretch marks: Laser vs radiofrequency treatments 

Laser treatments for stretch marks trigger the natural healing process by tricking the body into believing it’s injured. This stimulates the cells into creating new collagen and elastin, resulting in stretch marks that are smoother and less visible. There are two types of laser stretch mark removal treatments, including ablative and non-ablative. The former regenerates tissue by destroying the upper layer of the skin. The latter is gentle, achieving skin regeneration without destroying the outer skin. Both achieve results by targeting the underlying areas of the skin’s surface to promote collagen and elastin growth from deep within.

Radiofrequency treatments, on the other hand, stimulate collagen and elastin by heating the skin’s dermis using energy waves without damaging the top layer of the skin. Newer treatments combine radiofrequency technology with microneedling, delivering thermal energy deep into the skin and triggering the wound-healing process by puncturing the skin. As collagen and elastin are boosted, stretch marks fade and their texture is smoothened.

Game changing cosmetic procedures for stretch marks

At Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic, we specialise in 2 leading treatments for stretch marks developed by leading aesthetic developers. The best part is these are non-surgical, with little to no downtime. Our treatments deliver heat energy and muscle-contracting technology to trigger collagen and elastin in the skin’s dermis and kick-start the process of eradicating stretch marks. 

These include:

  1. NeoGen Plasma Skin Regeneration (Powered by new-generation laser technology)

This advanced type of laser treatment for stretch marks uses plasma energy to heat the skin’s dermis to radically reduce the appearance of stretch marks. 

  1. Biodermogenesi (Powered by electromagnetic energy combined with electrostimulation and vacuum suction)

The gentlest way to get rid of stretch marks is the revolutionary Biodermogenesi. It partially contracts muscles in targeted areas to stimulate collagen and elastin, unlocking significant skin repair benefits. 

biodermogenesi before biodermogenesi after
biodermogenesi before (2) biodermogenesi after (2)
Cellulite removal Cardiff

A limited-time combo offer for whole-body sculpting and repair

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Are you ready to get rid of stretch marks in 2023? The first step is setting up a zero fee consultation with our esteemed Aesthetics Doctor, Dr. Raj, on 07973 232444. The new year is all about unshakeable confidence in the skin you love. Let’s help make it a reality!