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Achieve your body goals with our outstanding body shaping treatments, CMSlim and Biodermogenesi

Published On: 7th September, 2023 | Category: Advice & Tips

There’s no better time than right now to achieve the body goals always dreamed of, whether you’re looking for whole-body toning and contouring or something more specific like sculpted arms, leaner legs, and a tighter stomach. With Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic and our powerful body shaping treatments, Biodermogenesi and CMSlim, it’s time to tone up sagging skin and melt away fat. The best part is that you can reach your body goals with very little or no effort. Just sit back, relax, and let our body sculpting treatments do the hard work for you.

Pioneering technology proven to work

Both CMSlim and Biodermogenesi are non-invasive and powered by pioneering technology backed by medical research, clinically proven to slim, tone, and shape your body. Treatments are completely tailored to your unique goals, giving you the power to achieve your dream body without any compromises.

Biodermogenesi: The breakthrough solution for body transformation

Biodermogenesi is the perfect choice if you’re trying to reduce or eliminate excess body fat, stubborn cellulite, stretch marks (including pregnancy stretch marks), or scars (such as hypertrophic scars).

Utilising advanced technology, it delivers concentrated energy to the deep skin layers, triggering partial muscle contractions and enhancing microcirculation. The process promotes increased production of collagen and elastin, resulting in remarkable skin rejuvenation, repair, and tightening.

There hasn’t been a body shaping treatment like this before. Studies demonstrate its ability to achieve two simultaneous actions: it reduces body fat while converting a portion of fat tissue into energy for skin repair, all without causing harm to vascular structures, muscles, bones, or internal organs.

CMSlim: The future of effortless body sculpting is here

If you feel that achieving your ideal body is an impossible task because of difficulties in building muscle or limitations caused by injuries or other reasons, we have some exciting news for you. CMSlim, the next-generation body shaping treatment, is here to assist you in burning fat, building muscle, and tightening sagging skin on your stomach, arms, thighs, and buttocks.

Your body will be contoured, lifted, and tightened without the need to lift weights or perform squats. CMSlim takes care of the heavy lifting for you, activating your muscles while you relax, much like Biodermogenesi. It harnesses technology that replicates an intense workout, contracting specific muscle groups to release fatty acids while simultaneously building muscle.

In just a 30-minute session, your muscles will contract at a speed equivalent to 30,000 sit-ups, squats, or crunches! Such rapid contractions can help you achieve a six-pack or a butt-lift in no time!

Maximising your transformation: Combining Biodermogenesi & CMSlim

These body sculpting treatments can be used separately, but they work best in combination, unlocking outstanding results that firm, tighten, lift, while melting away cellulite, building muscle, and reducing scars and stretch marks. It’s whole body shaping with the added bonus of skin repair. Biodermogenesi and CMSlim do all of this and more without or very minimal discomfort, downtime, side-effects, and need for anaesthetics!

Is CMSlim & Biodermogenesi body shaping treatments right for you? 

If you’re unsure whether CMSlim and Biodermogenesi is right for you, consider how you currently feel in your body. Are you experiencing:

  • Low self-esteem and confidence?
  • Emotional or physical discomfort and dissatisfaction?
  • Social anxiety that makes you avoid events?
  • Frustration from past weight loss or muscle-building attempts?
  • Concern about ageing skin and increasing laxity?

All these factors, and more, are compelling reasons to consider body skin tightening treatments like the duo we offer at Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic. We understand that achieving your ideal body is about more than just appearance; it impacts you emotionally and physically and that improving your body shape is a transformative step towards better physical and mental health.

Begin your transformation today with Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic

Now is the moment to make your body goals a reality and enhance your overall well-being with Biodermogenesi and CMSlim. The first step is to book your free consultation with our experienced medical doctor, Dr. Raj, or our skilled Aesthetics Therapist, Karen. We’re eager to help you achieve your goals and have you feeling amazing in no time!