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The Essential Guide to Checking and Treating Moles

Published On: 19th October, 2023 | Category: Advice & Tips

Moles often grace our skin, presenting unique markings that vary in size, shape, and colour. Though usually benign, it’s essential to recognise when they might require our attention. This article dives into the intriguing realm of skin moles and introduces the top-tier treatments available at Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic.

Moles Demystified

Moles, known medically as ‘nevi’, are common occurrences. Some may accompany us from birth, while others might appear during adolescence or later. They can appear solitarily or in clusters, and while most are harmless, it’s vital to differentiate the benign from the potentially problematic. It is advisable that all moles are first checked out by a Medical General Practitioner like our very own Dr. Raj and for any concerns, rest assured that Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic offers expert solutions.

Guarding Against Cancerous Moles

Moles emerge due to melanocytes, the cells responsible for our skin’s pigment, clustering together. While many moles make their appearance by age 25, external factors like sun exposure can influence their formation or alter existing ones. Exposure to the sun’s UV light holds the potential to elevate the risk of a mole turning cancerous. For those blessed with a multitude of moles, the sun demands extra precaution. To armour your moles against the sun’s assault, especially in scorching temperatures, follow these guidelines:

  • Seek refuge in shade, especially between the peak sun hours of 11am and 3pm.
  • Dress protectively. If facial moles are a concern, wear a hat and sunglasses.
  • Ensure consistent application of a good sunscreen (SPF30 at a minimum), and remember to reapply after a swim.

While keeping a watchful eye on your moles through regular self-examinations is vital, it’s imperative to remember that the most accurate judge of any changes is a medical doctor. Any significant growth or transformation in a mole’s characteristics should prompt a consultation. In the realm of skin health, the expertise of a medical professional isn’t just recommended; it’s paramount.

Say Goodbye to Unwanted Moles with Plexr

With an impressive combination of science and technology, Plexr is rapidly setting new standards in the realm of skincare.

The Plexr method stands out primarily due to its use of plasma energy. Rather than relying on traditional methods of mole removal, which often involve cutting the skin or other abrasive procedures, Plexr uses the fourth state of matter: plasma. When applied to the skin, the plasma energy targets the mole, effectively vaporising the lesion without the need for incisions or stitches. This groundbreaking approach ensures minimal disruption to the skin, reducing the risk of scars and ensuring quicker recovery.

On a more practical note, the Plexr treatment is swift, typically lasting just about 5-20 minutes, depending on the size of the mole. This brevity doesn’t compromise the results, though. Patients can expect to see immediate improvements, with the treated area displaying clear, mole-free skin. However, as with all skin treatments, aftercare is essential. In the days following the procedure, the mole will usually scab over, revealing fresh skin beneath that may initially appear pink or lighter. With proper care and a bit of patience, this new skin will soon blend seamlessly with the surrounding area.

In conclusion, for those seeking an efficient, minimally-invasive method to tackle moles, Plexr offers a promising solution. Backed by science and perfected by skilled practitioners, it’s a game-changer in the quest for perfect skin.

Meet Dr. Raj: Your Mole Expert & take advantage of this special offer

Concerned about a mole and thinking of getting it checked? Dr. Raj at Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic offers a comprehensive mole check and mapping service for £100. This fee not only ensures expert evaluation of your mole but also provides valuable advice on the next steps. What’s even better? If you choose to undergo a treatment following the mole check, the £100 you initially paid will be deducted from your treatment cost. This ensures you receive both expert guidance and a cost-effective solution should you decide to proceed with a procedure.

Prioritising Skin Health: When and Where to Seek Mole Consultation and Removal

Moles are a natural part of our skin’s landscape. However, it’s essential to monitor them and take note of any changes. If mole removal or consultation is on your radar, Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic provides solutions that merge expertise with innovation. Always prioritise your skin’s health and seek professional guidance from a Medical Doctor when in doubt.

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