Take back control over your bladder and sex life: The incredible CMSlim Chair strengthens pelvic floor muscles to reduce or cure urinary incontinence – the bonus is heightened sexual pleasure

Published On: 10th February, 2022 | Category: Advice & Tips

The life-changing CMSlim Chair has just launched at Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic! We are excited to give you the lowdown on the enormous benefits this non-invasive treatment holds for those battling urinary incontinence (UI), and those looking to enhance their sex life or strengthen their pelvic floor and core muscles.

Who is the treatment for?

The CMSlim Chair is for men and women struggling with a weak pelvic region that causes a range of bladder and sexual issues. It is ideal for:  

  • Older men and women who frequently use the bathroom through the night and want to improve their sleep
  • Peri-menopausal and menopausal women
  • Women looking to strengthen their pelvic floor for a more comfortable pregnancy
  • Men with prostate issues
  • Those who want to strengthen their core as a preventative measure
  • Those who carry out high impact exercises

The CMSlim Chair and UI

One of the biggest problems the treatment aims to help is UI in both men and women of any age, regardless of the cause behind it. According to medical findings, UI can be caused by certain disorders and a range of lifestyle, hereditary and age factors. However, women are more likely to suffer stress incontinence, which causes them to leak urine as a result of physical movement or activity. Statistics show that an estimated 1 in 7 women suffers from the condition, with the main culprits being childbirth, menopause and pregnancy.

UI affects 10% of the UK population

We understand how debilitating UI can be, and many people suffer in silence because they feel ashamed and embarrassed. If this is you, rest assured you’re not alone. It affects around 10% of the population in the UK and costs the NHS nearly £2 billion annually. However, experts say that this percentage could be much higher because the stigma around the subject may have affected the numbers. 

As you can see, the CMSlim Chair is suited for people from all walks of life –  it is nothing to feel ashamed of, and you’re definitely not alone! 

A stronger pelvic floor with the CMSlim Chair 

If your UI has forced you to change how you live your life, affecting your confidence or leading to mental distress, the CMSlim Chair is here to help. It is designed to make pelvic floor muscles stronger to support the bladder, resulting in a reduced severity of UI, and in some cases, it may even disappear. Typically, it requires a course of 6-8 treatments at 30 minutes per session to experience the full benefits. However, the exact results will depend on several factors, and it will be different for everyone. 

Those with severe UI may be less likely to eradicate it, especially if it’s caused by medication. The good news is the treatment can result in significant improvements such as a decrease in the number of times you use the toilet throughout the day and night and a decrease in accidental leaks when you cough, sneeze or laugh. 

1 000 Kegels in 30 minutes

The CMSlim Chair uses intense focused electromagnetic fields to stimulate and contract the pelvic floor muscles without discomfort or downtime. Each session is 30 minutes, which is equivalent to over 1 000 Kegels! The muscles contract at a rate not possible by physical exercise – this strengthens and re-conditions the pelvic area to lift and support the bladder. Once the pelvic floor is strengthened, it unlocks a range of UI improvements, with the major one being better control of urine streams. A stronger pelvic floor also leads to a stronger core and heightens sexual sensation for men and women. 

Convenient, effective and discreet

Keeping in mind how sensitive the topic of UI can be for many, the CMSlim Chair takes this into consideration. During treatment, patients remain fully clothed while they relax in a sitting position. What’s more, at Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic, you can rest assured that the environment is discreet and private for maximum comfort!

Discover the life-changing benefits of the CMSlim Chair and live a higher quality of life with better control over your bladder and sex life, To find out more, you can set up a zero fee consultation with our reputable Aesthetics Doctor, Dr Raj or the clinic’s leading Aesthetics Therapist Karen on 07516 997053.