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What’s the Difference Between a Mole and a Skin Tag?

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Is there an odd-looking mark or bump on your skin that’s bothering you? Every time you catch a glimpse of it, you just wish it was gone. Most of the time, these little annoying spots or growths on your skin are moles or skin tags. They can be unsightly and annoying, but they rarely pose a serious danger.

Insights from Dr. Raj

However, if you’re staring at this anomaly, wondering if it’s a mole or a skin tag, our aesthetic expert and medical doctor at Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic, Dr. Raj, is here to provide his expertise on the question: “What’s the difference between a mole and a skin tag?” With his insights, you can finally understand what’s going on and get the treatment you need to get rid of it.

“Skin conditions can often be confusing and a bit worrisome. This is no different for skin tags and skin moles. While they might seem similar, there are distinct differences between the two. Here’s a simple guide to help you understand these differences and how to manage them,” begins Dr. Raj. 

Defining Moles and Skin Tags

Moles, medically called nevi, are clusters of pigmented cells known as melanocytes. These cells appear as small, dark spots on the skin. Moles are usually present at birth or develop during childhood and adolescence. Factors like sun exposure can cause them to appear or increase in number over time, even into adulthood.”

Skin tags, on the other hand, are small, soft, flesh coloured pieces of skin that hang off the body. They are usually harmless and painless, but can be very irritating. They are made from 

collagen fibres and blood vessels. You’ll find them most commonly in adults with the number of skin tags increasing with age. If you’re tempted to perform your own skin tag removal procedure by just pulling it off – we understand your frustration, but of course don’t! Keep on reading for all the details on the safest, gentlest skin tag removal treatment that works instantly.”

Differences in Appearance

From Dr. Raj’s definition above, it becomes easier to understand what’s the difference between a mole and a skin tag. But here’s some more clarity from the Doc so you can be sure about which one you have:

“There are many other telling signs that set these two skin conditions apart. If you’re dealing with a mole, there are various appearances it can take on, such as smooth or rough, flat or raised, and they can even be hairy. Their shape is usually round or oval, ranging in size up to 0.5cm. Skin moles that grow bigger than this may be harmful and need to be medically examined. 

“Skin tags are typically flesh-coloured, but they can be slightly darker. They vary in size, ranging from a few millimetres to a few centimetres.

Common Locations for Moles and Skin Tags

Dr. Raj explains that moles and skin tags can appear in all locations on the face and body.

“Moles appear most commonly around the eye or ear area and legs, back, or arms. You may even get them on your scalp, under your nails, or between your fingers and toes.”

“Skin tags usually appear where skin rubs against skin, in the creases or folds of the skin, such as the neck, armpits, groin, under the breasts, and on the eyelids.”

How to Get Rid of Skin Tags or Moles

The big question now is, how do you get rid of skin tags or moles? If you choose Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic for your mole or skin tag removal, you will benefit from the best and most advanced treatment called Plexr. Dr. Raj elaborates on how the procedure works:

“Plexr is a non-surgical, non-invasive, and painless way to remove skin moles and skin tags. It’s powered by innovative plasma technology that turns solid tissue into gas once heated.

“This pen-shaped device, with an electrified tip, is placed on the target area to heat and almost instantly vaporise the unwanted growth in minutes. There’s no need for a single cut or cauterisation. There’s no scarring, bleeding, or pigmentation either.

Additionally, mole and skin tag removal with Plexr requires no downtime, meaning you can do the procedure during your lunch break and continue your day as usual. It’s easy, precise, and quick, requiring only one treatment per growth. The only side effects are mild swelling and a scab forming over the treated area. The scab falls away once the area has healed, revealing new, healthy skin in place of the removed growth.”

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Now That You Know the Difference Between Skin Tags and Moles, It’s Time to Book Your Free Consultation

By understanding the difference between skin tags and moles, you can now take the next step to remove them. As a leading medical doctor, aesthetic expert, and founder of Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic, Dr. Raj helps patients throughout Cardiff, Wales, and across the UK heal stubborn skin conditions and rejuvenate ageing skin. He is an Advanced Level Practitioner in Cosmetic Treatments and Injectables and a practising GP with a medical qualification from University College London, so you can rest assured that you’re in expert hands.

It’s time to get rid of skin tags or moles by booking your free consultation with Dr. Raj today. Healthy, clear, smooth skin starts here!

When discussing the variances between skin tags and moles, it is critical to emphasise the importance of seeking professional guidance. It is advisable to always consult with your general practitioner or dermatologist before undergoing any related treatments.