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Achieve body goals in 2023 with our limited-time combo special offer on our non surgical body shaping treatments, CMSlim &  Biodermogenesi

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Are you struggling to reach your body goals due to stubborn pockets of fat or sagging skin on your belly, thighs, waist, arms, butt, or just about anywhere else? In 2023, Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic wants you to finally get that flawless, sleek look and feel unshakeable confidence in your body and the clothes you wear. To make your dream body a reality, we’ve just launched a limited-time combo special on our game-changing body shaping treatments, CMSlim and Biodermogenesi

Special offer on the best body contouring treatments

Powered by clinically proven technology to melt away fat, build muscle, and repair damaged skin, our body shaping treatments will get you that “snatched” look in just a few treatment sessions without surgery, downtime, and minimal or a total absence of side effects. 

We’re offering CMSlim and Biodermogenesi for a steal of only £400 per treatment session, normally valued at £550, saving you £150. To see significant results, we recommend 6 – 8 sessions two times a week.

Your dream body without pain or downtime 

Body shaping, also known as body contouring or body sculpting, is a multi-million pound industry that includes surgical treatments, non-surgical treatments, and shapewear. The body shaping treatments we offer are ideal for those wanting a more permanent solution than clothing while achieving amazing body shaping results without pain or recovery time. 

Unshakeable confidence to wear what you want 

With our solutions, you can achieve the shape you’ve always wanted and feel that unshakeable confidence to wear form-fitting dresses, jeans, and beachwear. You no longer have to hide your body behind baggy clothes. 

A powerful duo delivers double the results

By combining CMSlim with Biodermogenesi, you will benefit from two powerful, results-driven aesthetic technologies that cinch your waist, lift your butt, sculpt your arms and legs, and tighten your stomach. So if you’ve been searching how to get rid of love handles, how to tone up mummy tummy or how to tighten sagging body skin, we have the best body toning treatments on the market. 

Sculpt & shape with CMSlim

With CMSlim high-intensity electromagnetic technology sculpts and shapes your whole body by triggering thousands of muscle contractions per session to build lean muscles and melt away fat. One 30- minute session is equal to 30 000 crunches, squats or sit-ups, ensuring you can get that 6-pack or butt-lift without breaking a sweat! Studies show that this high-intensity technology is so effective that it increases muscle mass by 18% and reduces localised fat by 21% with repeat treatments. 

butt toning treatment
Source: CMSlim UK
Source: CMSlim UK
Source: CMSlim UK

Repair & tighten with Biodermogenesi

Heightening the incredible effects of CMSlim is Biodermogenesi, another innovative non-invasive cosmetic treatment for whole body shaping. It harnesses electromagnetic energy combined with electrostimulation and vacuum suction to encourage healthy microcirculation and boost the production of collagen and elastin deep within the skin. Biodermogenesi unlocks incredible skin regeneration and restructuring by partially contracting target areas to reduce stretch marks (like pregnancy stretch marks), other types of scars (like hypertrophic scars), and cellulite for the ultimate skin repair and skin tightening benefits. Many people opt for these treatments as it’s highly effective on stretch marks, visibly reducing or even eradicating these scars, no matter how old they are. If you’re searching for how to get rid of stretch marks, we’ve written this blog with you in mind. This treatment is also a cellulite-busting powerhouse that melts away these stubborn fatty deposits under the skin, leaving you looking smooth, slim, and undeniably toned. 

It’s important to remember body sculpting isn’t a weight-loss solution. It’s designed for those close to their ideal weight who need to get rid of stubborn fat and sagging or excess skin that’s resistant to exercise and a healthy diet. 

biodermogenesi before biodermogenesi after
biodermogenesi before (2) biodermogenesi after (2)
Cellulite removal Cardiff

One of the leading body sculpting clinics in Wales

By choosing our aesthetic experts at Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic, led by esteemed Medical Doctor Dr. Raj – you are choosing the best. Our body sculpting treatments are tailored to your unique body type and desired results because we understand that we all have different contouring goals. Request your free consultation right now with Dr. Raj on 07973 232444 and start 2023 looking defined, sculpted, toned, and trimmed!

Terms & Conditions

You will save £150 per treatment session on 1 area. The normal price for each treatment is £500.

To benefit from our special offer your first treatment has to be booked between the 1st -31st of January. You will still benefit from the offer even if your first treatment take’s place after January as long as the booking was placed between the 1st-31st of January.

Promotion is available for newly booked treatments only and cannot be backdated.