Activate hair growth with the groundbreaking AnteAGE MD Hair Microneedling Solution; fights genetic hair loss in men and women for full, healthy hair

Published On: 16th June, 2022 | Category: Advice & Tips

Did you know that the most common type of hair loss, androgenetic alopecia, affects most of the male population and half the female population worldwide? It’s a result of genetic factors and is triggered at any time after puberty. Just a few years ago, there were very few options available to regain a healthy head of hair, and many had to accept it, some hid it with hats or scarves, and others turned to hair transplant surgery. Thankfully, we live in a time where more results-driven options are becoming available. You can now reverse hair loss quicker, less painfully and more effectively with a whole new hair rejuvenation system. Introducing the cutting-edge AnteAGE MD Hair Microneedling Solution.

Before we dive in, let’s get a better idea of hair loss among men and women and then finally reveal how AnteAGE can help you.

Male pattern baldness

Over 85% of men will experience androgenetic alopecia, or for a less medical term, male pattern baldness. Hair loss begins from as early as the teen years or early 20’s, and is characterised by a receding hairline and hair thinning on the crown and temples. In some men, this progresses to complete baldness. Male pattern baldness is the most common type of hair loss, so if this is your experience, rest assured you’re definitely not alone. It’s caused by the hormone DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), a by-product of testosterone. In excess, it shrinks the hair follicles resulting in shorter and finer hair, making the strands easy to fall out and difficult to grow back. 

Female pattern baldness

The female equivalent affects 8 million women in the UK and 50% of the global population. Menopause is the primary contributor to female pattern baldness – a result of hormonal changes marked by rapidly declining oestrogen while testosterone levels remain relatively unchanged. The imbalance leads to higher levels of DHT, causing the same results as male pattern baldness. Follicles shrink, hair gets shorter and finer, and eventually, the follicles can stop growing new hair all together. 

AnteAGE MD to the rescue

But it’s not all bad news. Research shows that even though the follicles stop working correctly, they are still alive. They just need a little boost, and this is where AnteAGE MD Hair Microneedling Solution comes in. It uses bio-identical stem cell growth factors and proteins to naturally regenerate the hair follicles, enabling them to produce new hair over time. 

A brand based on science

The science-first skincare brand,  AnteAGE MD, specialises in regenerative medicine to heal the skin on a cellular level. Through in-depth bone marrow stem cell clinical studies, they create products that capture the natural regenerative power of the human body.

Born from the research is the groundbreaking Hair Microneedling Solution. It’s backed by research and has proven to be the best topical, most highly targeted treatment to combat androgenetic alopecia. It’s even more targeted than the industry gold standard, platelet-rich plasma (PRP). It soaks the scalp with specific proteins, like cytokines, that instruct the follicle to regenerate itself naturally.

Benefits you can expect:

  • Reduces the rate of hair loss
  • Activates follicle regrowth
  • Awakens dormant cells inside the hair follicle

Get your hair growing with Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic

Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic now offers this revolutionary treatment so you can get back your healthy hair. The process is quick, relatively painless and non-invasive. We first apply a numbing topical cream followed by gently microneedling the scalp with the protein-rich solution. We recommend treatment every 2 to 4 weeks for 5 treatments in total. 

If it’s time to get back your full, healthy hair, AnteAGE MD Hair Microneedling Solution may just be what you need. To start the process, all you have to do is book zero-fee consultation with our reputable Aesthetics Doctor, Dr Raj or the clinic’s leading Aesthetics Therapist, Karen, on 07516 997053. Let’s get growing!